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Retaining Walls

Here at Jansen Excavations we offer quality retaining walls. We aren't just a cheap quick choice, we put in the extra effort with each wall and make sure it is not only level and square but also that it fits the space and looks like it belongs.


Topsoil & Retaining Wall

We cut out a big hill in this front yard to create to more levelled areas for a garden and some fresh turf.


Concrete Retaining Wall

This concrete retaining wall was built to extend the train platform at Coal Creek Community Park and Museum

IMG_1517 2.HEIC

Graded Retaing Wall

Our client was looking for a wall to slope with their garden bed, so we installed this beauty of a retaining wall for them


Four Sleeper Retaining Wall 

We dug this 4 sleeper wall into the ground to add strength and stability in the middle of this garden bed where the dirt kept falling down into a pathway every time it rained.


Raised Garden Bed

We built a nice retaining wall around this yard to help hide the back fence being a lot higher than the yard and turned it into a raised garden bed.


Post Build Clean Up

This site was cleared after builders waste was left everywhere, and we levelled the area ready for landscaping.


Corner Retaining Wall

Tight Access Retaining wall built behind a shed to help water management 


Decorative Retaining Wall

Decorative Retaining Wall to match the new fence getting built on this property 


Front Yard Retaining Wall

This was a retaining wall for a new build that was finished higher than the footpath and the client wanted a level front yard 


Split Level Retaining Wall

This client is looking for a second tier of this retaining wall to add to their backyard but wanted to wait, so we finished off the first level and battered the top for a nice slope.

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